About Us

There are many tea vendors around the world. They manufacture these green tea products and cater the needs of the customer. All their products are available online and in their physical locations. Due to theinvasion of technology,online vendor acts as platform to buy the high quality green Tea products from the manufacturers, as the major green tea products are manufactured in Japan and various other places. They offer a variety of services as follows:

Gift Hampers:

They offer a range of Green tea products as presentable gifts options to others on many occasions. Thus, the gifts are like, various types and designs of tea infusers, tea pot, tea cups, bamboo tea strainers, dipper tea infusers etc.

Different types of Tea:

They sell many types of teas form various countries by providing special offers. The teas from countries like Vietnam, Kenya, Russia, Ceylon, Linden, Japan,

U.K etc.

Loyalty Points or Reward points: For every purchase of the customer based on the amount of purchase reward points are allotted. These reward points will be updated for every purchase by the same customer. As the reward points are later converted to money based on the companies protocols, the shopper can buy any products based on the amount he collected as reward.

Delivery and returns:

Generally free shipping is provided sometimes they do ask for shipping charges based on the amount of purchase. Usually no shipping charges on bulk purchases and delivered on time in the correct destination. If the customers are not happy with the products, they can return immediately within 7 days and the amount will be refunded as early as possible. Buying guide:

They provide an excellent buying guide, which provides the complete information about 1000 varieties of tea leaves and tea bags. They give an idea about the quantity of the tea that can be bought online which generally ranges from 50g to 1kg packs. They have options to choose huge volumes of tea bags.