Want to remove toxins from body? Have a green Tea!


Everyone's day starts with a cup of Coffee or tea. But, Tea is generally being accepted as healthy compared to coffee.In the recent years, Green Tea has become popular globally because of its various uses and health benefits.Is the colour of the green tea is green? Not really. Green tea originated in China but took its stand in entire Asia and around the globe. The green tea is totally different from the western tea or black tea.

The green tea is generally prepared from the Camellia Sinensis leaves. This is generally used to make black tea as well. But to retain the green colour these leaves needs to be steamed as the Japanese do. In China, these leaves are roasted instead steaming. Either roasting or steaming is performed to obtain green tea leaves. Generally due to this process, the leaves will not be broken. But, in case of black tea, they perform techniques like oxidation or withering.

The green tea will be little bitter in taste. The taste of the green tea varies according to the brewing conditions. There are many types of green teas available all over the world. Every type of tea has its own method of processing and properties. An overview of most popular types of green tea is given below:

Top 5Green tea types:

Sencha: This type of tea is produced by the processes of steaming and rolling of leaves.

Fukamushi Sencha: This kind of tea is obtained by long hours of steaming. Due to over steaming they become powdery and dark in colour. It gives a strong taste and aroma.

Gyokuro and Kabusecha: A cloth is used to cover the entire tea bushes for around 20 days before picking. This affects the growing of new shoots in the plant, by producingvery rich flavour. In case of Gyokuro, the days of covering with cloth will be little longer compared to Kabusecha.

Matcha: The major ingredient of Japan's tea ceremony. Usually it is made from very old leaves, the major aspect of it is that the leaf is fully consumed in case of this tea. Hojicha:This type tea is made from mixing the other types of tea, by emitting a different aroma. Thus the quality and properties of the tea varies based on the methods used for processing them.

Have a cup of Green Tea!

Basically the green tea can be made from the green tea bag or green tea powder. The basic ingredients are: hot water,honey, half spoon Lemon juice. In case of green tea bag, dip the green tea bag in hot water steep in for 1 minute exactly, thento increase the taste add little honey and lemon and drink it.

In case of green tea powder or leaves, pour the tea powder or leaves in the boiling water, team for 1 minute, filter it and add little honey and lemon for taste.These green Tea has splendid amount of health benefits. The various health benefits are listed below:

Health Benefits of Green Tea:

It is contains abundantly antioxidants and many nutrients that are essential for the body. Having a cup of green tea everyday improves the performance of brain function and helps in ailing Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease. It helps to burn fat and tires to reduce the excess weight in the body.

It lowers the risk of cancer because of its medicinal properties. Daily intake of green take provides the essential minerals for enhancing the metabolic activity of the body. Intake of green tea highly eliminates the bacteria and protects the dental health from various infections. Many proven studies indicate that green tea steadily improves the insulin and hence reduces the blood sugar levels.

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